Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Mindset for Making Money Online

Before we go too far with learning the mechanics of how to make money online I thought it wise to discuss how your mind is going to be the one most important factor influencing your success or failure in creating wealth online.

For some time now I've attended numerous internet marketing seminars where there are a lineup of successful marketers speaking about their rise to incredible wealth online. Interestingly, a number of these people achieve a major jump in their income seemingly "overnight". What I have heard from a number of these people however is that this wealth has been either taken away from them or impeded in some way very soon after.

To give you an example, one marketer did a product launch and in one 24 hour period sold $50,000 worth of product. Everything was wonderful until the bank put a hold on all the money that was pouring into his merchant account thereby giving him no access to it all. It took this man 6 months of battling with the bank and lots of money in legal expenses before the bank released the money back to him. At the same time this man had crises exploding in various other areas of his business, with court cases and so on.

There was a practical process the man failed to do and that was to advise the bank before his product launch of what he was about to do. He should have let the bank know in advance that there would be a major spike in his bank account and why that would be. What you must realize is the banks are overly cautious because of the rapid increase in online fraud, money laundering, etc. When they see a bank account which has had only a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars flowing through it for a long time and then all of a sudden $50,000 appears there overnight, the alarm bells ring and the bank will go into instant shutdown of that account. So, always give prior warning to the bank, Paypal or other merchant facility you're using that you're about to do a product launch which could have a major impact on your bank account balance. It's about prior preparation and keeping your merchant facility informed.

The other aspect of this whole sudden wealth phenomena which is highly possible with online marketing is making sure you have a wealth mindset. This man I referred to above came from a family who always lived from week to week financially and had the mindset of "working hard for a basic living". What some successful marketers don't realize is that their childhood programs from family about what's right and what's wrong could well result in them losing or being prevented from accessing their new found wealth. They have a subconscious mindset that won't support massive wealth. Their subconscious programs will find a way to sabotage any great wealth that comes to them.

The programs running in their subconscious mind from family expectations is such that they will be prohibited from keeping or sustaining this new wealth. We listened to a brilliant marketer recently who was making multi millions of dollars online with only 2 people working for him. Out of the blue the IRS knocked on his door demanding access to all his equipment, records, etc because they believed he was engaging in illegal behavior. There was no definitive explanation from the IRS regarding their accusations, but they were able to make this man's life a living hell for several years such that he lost everything he had built for himself and his family. One day they simply dropped the whole injunction against him with a warning they "would be watching him". He has since made new wealth for himself online, but he lives in a private hell in his mind of what could happen to him again one day.

The important words in my last sentence were "he lives in a private hell in his mind". What the man doesn't realize is that hell was there before the IRS arrived on his doorstep. Somewhere in his subconscious mind was a mindset of being unworthy of holding and keeping multi millions of dollars. He thinks that the attack came from outside of himself, but quantum physicists and mind researchers are now telling us that whatever shows up in our lives is simply there as a result of the sum total of our thoughts leading up to this moment in our life. What most of us don't realize is that 95% of our life is being run by our subconscious mind on auto pilot. We have subconscious beliefs or programs that run our lives for us. To get more understanding of the power of your mindset read this article by Dr Bruce Lipton...

So, before you launch into your new career of making money online, cover your bases - keep your merchant account informed of your activities, and do some work on your mindset. There are many techniques available - PSYCH-K, EFT, NLP and so on. Any modality that changes subconscious programs will be advantageous, because it is these hidden areas of your mind that could sabotage your best efforts somewhere down the track.

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