Friday, 14 June 2013

Start An Online Business and Live Your Passion

People tend to turn to the web to start an online business now more than ever. They hear all those success stories about others who made a fortune online, or work from their pajamas or live their so called "internet lifestyle". They believe that if a 20 year old internet millionaire can do it, so can I. Those are the reasons that drive most of the people to start a blog or an online business, believing that they will earn their income online.

The cold harsh truth is that 97% of those people fail after a couple of weeks or months.

Why is that?
The single best reason is that they start a web business that they're not passionate about.

Passion is the fundamental element for the success of your business
Starting an online business is not as hard as many believe or people make it to be. The website, the content creation, the online marketing are all practices that can be learned. A person can either excel or fail in those business practices. If you're passionate about your business things seem to be fun and easy to learn. That driving force that passion creates will get you through to every step of your entrepreneurship journey.

Most of the success stories I've heard are from people who are passionate about their business, about their market and the products they either promote or sale. They love to talk about it, they love to create content and to write about it, and most importantly they love socializing with people online and offline who have the same passion.

Discovering your passion
OK many people might think I don't have a passion, but I want to start a business. That's a totally false statement because everybody has a passion. If you think you aren't passionate about something it's most likely because you just haven't discovered it yet.

The most common and most effective ways to find your passion is to try things out. To take chances, to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

On Monday after work take your wife and go to a dancing class. See how it feels. The next day go for bowling or mountain biking. Go to a friend who plays the guitar and ask him or her to teach you to play a song. Go to a kickboxing class or go to a web design seminar. On the weekend begin to write a novel, or the story of your life, or start building a waterfall for your backyard. Notice what moves you, what got you excited.

As soon as you find something you like begin doing it more regularly. Become a subscriber to a magazine. Find on the web forums or blogs about your new interest, ask questions and leave comments. Start socializing with people who are interested in the same thing. Become better day by day. Learn more day by day.

Soon enough you'll come to realize that your new hobby or interest is all you're thinking about. It will start concur your thoughts when you're working or when you're watching TV. You'll start conversations about it with your friends and close ones. It will become the reason to get up in the morning, and it will intrude in your dream.

This is the time when you know what you're passionate about!

The first step in achieving your goals
Finding your passion is the first step in achieving your goals. This is something that you will build your personal brand upon. Once you know what you love doing, you need to align it with your goals so you can achieve the one through the other. This is the part that I consider easy because your passion will make the learning curve easy.

Starting an online business about your passion may seem to be challenging. Especially if you're into something that's out of the ordinary thinking there's not a market for it. Believe me when I say there's a market for everything. If you're passionate about it, than there are people all around the world who are passionate about it too. The internet is the means to connect you with those people through strategic planning, goal setting and social media.

Healthy business practice can help you align your passion with your goals. All you need is a clear plan, a blueprint that will guide you like a roadmap in succeeding your goals.

The first day you'll start earning your income through your passion will be the last day you will ever work in your life.

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