Thursday, 13 June 2013

What Is a Squeeze Page?

A 'Squeeze Page' is nothing more than a landing page or a prospect page, often a single-page web site with the sole intent of engaging the reader with visual stimuli such as: images, video, colorful text, bold and unique fonts and multiple paragraph breaks to name a few. The purpose for engaging the reader is to collect a very important piece of unique information from the reader, an email address. In the days of past, all sorts of trickery was used to gather email addresses; crawling and harvesting from web sites, social engineering, SPAM ... the list goes on. In today's Internet, there are enough regulations in place that would make it very difficult to succeed that way however.

Your squeeze page's only mission in life is to be compelling enough to make the user want to give his or her email address through the squeeze page. Your only mission in life (regarding the squeeze page) is to drive users preferably targeted) to your squeeze page, ideally by the droves!

Your squeeze page should get straight to the point, it isn't generally going to be a full fledged web site. You typically won't have an, 'About Us' page or any other typical web site pages. The first part of your squeeze page should be all about why the user wants either what you're selling or what you're recommending. Use several brief paragraphs to do this. Multiple paragraph breaks will keep the user's eyes moving and attention focused. If your whole description is in one single paragraph the user's eyes will get bored and then they'll likely leave the page altogether. RBGY! Red, Blue, Green and Yellow ... these colors are your friends! I am not advocating you create the Internet version of a three ring circus but I am telling you that you do not want all black text!

Text colors and what effect they have...
  • Red = Stop, Alert, Warning
  • Blue = Calm, focused
  • Green = Exciting, Motivating
  • Yellow = Attention, Proceed
You should use black text at a nominal 9-12 point font for standard content and descriptions (not headlines or titles .. etc). Imagery is acceptable on squeeze pages but you don't want to slow down the load time of your page (no hosting images on other sites or hot-linking - linking to an image on another website!), if your squeeze page loads slow the user will almost assuredly close the browser window on you.

Having advertisements on a squeeze page is not advisable. You are driving traffic to your squeeze page to either sell or recommend a product to users, you typically won't want to distract them with, 'shoot the monkey' advertisements. Your squeeze page needs to have a very simple and clear message. Don't confuse your visitors with multiple options. You need your traffic to remain focused on the task at hand, being convinced to give you their email address!

Here's a few examples of squeeze pages...

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