Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How To Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page Website

For every internet marketer the biggest question is "How to Drive Traffic to My Website or Squeeze Page?" Most marketers have been told that traffic has to be generated from a variety of sources on the internet. For example - article writing, videos, SEO keyword optimization and so on. Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic tool that could do all of this for you in just one place?

The good news is THERE IS! I've recently purchased and been using a fantastic software program - Webfire that has 27 (and growing) different tools to help you drive traffic to your squeeze page/landing page or website.

Here's the list of promotional tools the software has to offer you...

Multi Tool
The swiss army knife of our site tools! This one combines a number of the program's best tools into a single one that walks you through in an easy to follow manner. From a single article, you can choose to spin it, submit it to some of the best article directories out there, submit some as a guest blog post on other blogs, turn it into a video, submit the video to top video sites, and more all in one tool. 

Google News Release - This tool enables you to fill in the blanks (template provided) to create your own News Release about your new technology/idea/creation. Then the software tool will submit your newly created article to the software site's official Google approved Press Release site, which can get your press release featured at the top of Google and in their news section!

Article Spinner
Turn one article into dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of quality, unique articles that read as though an actual human wrote them. This tool enables you to create 80 unique articles which you can then use in sites all over the internet to drive traffic to your website or squeeze page.

Article Submitter
Submit your article(s) to the top article directories to get extra exposure, traffic, backlinks, rankings, and more! And at the same time, increase your chances of others picking up your article and posting it on their site for you to get even more traffic and publicity.

Video Firestorm
Turn your article into a video, create your own videos with built in cameras, and/or submit videos to video sites all at once! If you choose to turn an article into a video, it'll automatically let you pick cool looking backgrounds to create powerpoint-type slides where you can even have human sounding text-to-speech audio (or your own). Don't want to turn an article into a video? No problem, as you can create your own video on the fly as well. Then you can also use the software's built in video submitter to submit videos to the top video sites out there!

Submit Your Site
Let the search engines and other top sites know that you have a new website or new content on your blog or site instantly by taking a few seconds to fill out this form and hit submit. The software will then alert all the top sites for you. Doing this can greatly increase your chances of getting indexed and noticed faster, and thus increase your chances of ranking well too.

SEO Inferno
Easily check and create title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. for your website(s). Title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. all are very important factors in SEO and ranking in search engines for your targeted keywords, but they are often overlooked! This tool will help you quickly check and create such tags on the fly. 
Main Keyword Tool
Use this main keyword tool to turn one keyword into 100 related keywords that you can check to see how many searches a month they get, which ones might be hidden gems. The software will show you keywords that your opposition is doing little or nothing with, yet have high search rates. This means if you target your articles to these keywords you have a high chance of ranking on page 1 of Google very quickly.

Keyword Review
Use this keyword tool to enter in product names and automatically get several "review keywords" spit out for you. You can then use these review keywords to find people looking for reviews or recommendations based on those products, which you can use to target in your own market, as an affiliate, and more! People searching for these kinds of keywords are also far more likely to be in a position where they're ready to buy.

Keyword Versus
Use this keyword tool to enter a list of competing products or services and automatically spit out a list of keywords that people would search for when trying to decide between two or more competing products. This is a great way to target people about to buy and help them make up their minds. These can be great keywords to target on your website(s), especially if you're an affiliate for the products.

Keyword Custom
Use this keyword tool to get customized keyword lists if you want to develop your own formulas for creating larger keyword lists on the fly (recommended for more advanced users). 

Macroleads Fire
Use this very powerful tool to find sites in your niche / market that rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing that also allow you to leave a post, comment, reply, or recommendation on. This is an incredibly powerful way to instantly gain free exposure, get top rankings in seconds, and get lots of traffic to your sites.

This powerful lead tool allows you to find all the relevant blog posts and forum threads in your market that you can leave a post or comment on (unlike with Macroleads Fire which only looks for those that rank for certain keywords, this tool will list all of them and even date them). You can even search for forum threads or blog posts that were made within a certain date range (even today!). This is a great way to gain extra exposure and more traffic by finding places where you can participate in the discussions related to your market.

Omnileads Alerts
This is the same as Omnileads, but it alerts you to new leads since the last time you logged into WebFire! A great way to stay up to date on blogs and forums that you can participate in the discussions on. Both are extremely powerful tools that you should use in your business. 

Q&A Leads Firestorm
Easily get leads from Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers where you can leave an answer or comment. By taking just a few moments to respond to such questions, you gain valuable search engine rankings, find potential leads of clients, and more!

Guest Blogger Fire
Find sites that allow content syndication. Quickly grow your list off backlinks and presence on the web by posting your content on other sites.

Lead Finder
Find leads on Facebook, Twitter and Classified Sites. 

Expired Domain Finder
Find expired domain names that are already ranking for keywords in your market that you can snatch up for just the price of a new domain name (usually $7 to $10 / year). On top of that, you can also find expired domain names that are mentioned on live domain name sites that are ranked for your keyword(s) as well.

There's plenty more tools in this amazing software program. Click here to buy Webfire drive traffic to your website or squeeze page now.


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