Saturday, 8 June 2013

How To Build Your Email Mailing LIst Important Steps

How to build your email list fast is something that successful internet marketers recognize as one of the biggest problems that people have. You may have heard previously from online marketing professionals "The Money is in The List".

This is probably the most important step you will take in building your online business - building your email list. Some online marketing professionals will tell you that for every person you have on your email list you could reliably stand to make $1/month. This means if you build a list of 2,000 people you could easily make $2,000/month in "passive income" - income generated from affiliate product promotions.

There are two types of internet marketers, those that put in the time and effort to build their list and reap the rewards and those that cannot be bothered to put in the effort and just go around trying to sell their product to anyone.

If you are the second type who does not want to put in the effort then I suggest you stop reading this article now. This is only for those who truly want to be successful online.

Let us start with the basics. In order to build your list you have to get the persons e-mail address. In order to do this you first have to get the persons attention. The best way of doing this is to offer them something of value that will solve a problem that they are having or will make life easier for them. The best method is to send them the item by e-mail. Most people are willing to do this but they often do not give you their primary e-mail address. This is OK though because you just need to be able to contact them.

So what sort of page captures the person's attention so that they will give out their email address? Firstly the page has to look as professional as possible. You can either create your own page or get one made by a professional. This page is what is called a squeeze page and its sole function is to captures the persons email address. Do NOT try to sell to them at this stage; you are only after their email. Now you have to decide what your free gift will be. One of the best ways is a free ebook that solves the person's problem. This can be sent to them only they give you an email address to send it to.

Here's a great piece of software you can use to create a squeeze page. With this software you can be creating squeeze pages in about 5 minutes! I figure that if you can find software that makes the mechanics of building your list quick and easy, then you have more time to get on with other parts of your online marketing.

Do you see how it works now? Explain how your free gift will solve their problem and list some of the benefits of getting this ebook. You want to make them feel that they must get this ebook. To further encourage the persons to get it straight away you could say that the offer will be taken down very soon so they must act quickly. Encouraging urgency is the key, use your imagination to come up with ideas. You could say that after a few days they will have to pay to get it, which is why they must act now to get it for free.

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