Friday, 14 June 2013

How To Build Email Lists

An important tool to help build email lists is the Squeeze page which was discussed in my last blog. How do you get people to give you their email address on your squeeze page? Well, the most important thing to do is to give them something for free in return for their email address. Here's 10 ideas for free offers you might want to consider on your squeeze page...

1. FREE Special Report or Article
This can be a physical item that you mail out or it can be part of your Lead Capture "Thank You" page. The key is to make the shared information compelling. Solve a problem, address a fear, or give your target market a secret tip or strategy that will help your Squeeze Page visitors get what they want.

2. FREE E-Book
This can simply be in the form of a downloadable .PDF file. You can easily compose your content in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice (free at and then just save it as a .PDF file.

3. FREE Product Sample or Trial
This is great if you are selling physical products or membership services. Remove the buying risk and build your list at the same time.

4. FREE Consultation or Coaching Session
People like the idea of talking with a real person. The Internet is usually cold and impersonal. Offering a free consultation or coaching session on your Squeeze Page also takes away a lot of fears that many people have that they are on their own to figure things out for themselves. The more you can add a personal human element to the process, the more effective you'll be.

5. FREE Software
This is similar to offering a free downloadable report or ebook. There are lots of private label rights software products that you can purchase and re-brand as your own. Just do a Google search using the term "PLR software" and you'll find lots of results. This can be a great Squeeze Page incentive depending on your niche.

6. FREE Newsletter or Mini E-Course Subscription
All you need for this one is an auto-responder and some good content. When your prospect opt-in through your Squeeze Page web form, they can automatically be added to your e-mail auto-responder campaign. This series of e-mails can include a monthly newsletter or can even be broken up into a series of training messages (i.e., an e-course).

7. FREE Novelty Gift or Trade Show Item
These physical items can be great Squeeze Page incentives, which can also be branded with your contact information, website and slogan/message. For example, I know some Internet marketers promoting fitness/weight loss products gave away free digital pedometers for opting into their Squeeze Page. This was a nice gift for those who wanted to lose weight and get in better shape by monitoring the amount of their walking/jogging. And, of course, the phone number and website address printed on the pedometer acted as a constant reminder to order/re-order the product that would assist them in their efforts.

8. FREE Chance To Win (Raffle/Contest)
Sometimes it pays to offer something of greater value than what you could offer each and every person who opts-in through your Squeeze Page. You could offer a chance to win a special prize in a drawing for every person who opts-in. Pick a specific date for the drawing and then randomly choose the winner(s). You determine the value of the prize and the number of prizes you want to give out. If done right, you should get a whole lot more valuable opt-in leads worth much more than the cost of the few prizes you give away. You may also want to give out consolation prizes for all those who participated so all your Squeeze Page Leads will feel like they got something for their time. This consolation gift can be a digital item that doesn't cost you very much, like a free ebook, special report, online presentation, etc.

This can also be a very good incentive for a Squeeze Page. It has a higher perceived value than a digital/downloadable product. Of course, there is more cost involved, but you can cover your costs by charging for shipping and handling while giving the CD/DVD away for free.

10. FREE Instant Access Online Presentation
This is one of my favorite Squeeze Page Offers. It has a higher perceived value than an audio or an e-book and you don't have to worry about shipping costs. All you need is an inexpensive digital video camera or web cam. After you record your video, simply upload it to "YouTube" or another video sharing site. Then simply copy & paste the embedded code into the "Thank You" page of your Squeeze Page. A video presentation can also increase credibility and trust with your prospects. People are much more inclined to do business with a "real person" that they can see. A video which shows you speaking directly to your prospects is so much more personal and compelling.

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