Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Basic Tools for Your Online Marketing - Email Marketing

Whether you have a physical business or you are purely online selling through an online store or marketing affiliate products, there are some basic structures you'll need to put in place to be effective.

The number 1 item which all marketers know is your key to massive income online is an email list. To do this effectively you'll need to have an email marketing system. Professional marketers will tell you that for every person you have on your email list you will make $1/month. So you can see it's in your best interests to figure out very quickly how to build your list if you're wanting to generate passive online income (income ticking over on auto pilot).

There are many programs available but the one I recommend is Get Response. The pricing is highly competitive and it is probably one of the simplest setups I've seen. I was surprised how easily I was able to setup an auto responder/signup form for use on my website, blog, squeeze page, etc.

Of course you'll need an email system to receive your emails on your computer. That could be as simple as setting up a gmail account. Whether you're on PC or Mac you should have an inbuilt email program there as well. So get your email receiving program setup, sign up with Get Response or other similar email marketing program and you now have the basic structure to start driving traffic to your marketing ventures.

The last item in this part of your online marketing structure is the squeeze page. This is a one page website which usually has a bold heading with a call to action, maybe a video of your offer, a signup form and sometimes a Buy Now button if you want to sell directly from this page. The first method mentioned using just the signup form would be to help you build your email list. Later on, you can use these squeeze pages to market a product to your already existing email list. For now you will most likely start out using your squeeze page to build your email list.

These days, social media is probably the quickest method for driving traffic to your squeeze page or optin page, so you'll be needing to setup an account in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Blog and others. We'll cover that in our next article here.

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